2 is better than 1. Why is opening a chain of stores profitable?

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2 is better than 1. Why is opening a chain of stores profitable?

Every ninth 220 Volt franchisee opens a second store because it is profitable and simple. In this article we will tell you what are the advantages of opening a chain of stores, as well as what 220 Volt can offer to developing partners.

The lump sum is reduced

“220 Volts” reduces the cost of a lump-sum contribution to the second and subsequent stores. The difference in value between the first and second franchises is 40,000 rubles, and between the second and third – 50,000 rubles, etc. The more stores you open, the less you pay for a lump-sum fee.

Assortment expansion

The product matrix is ​​compiled individually for each store. The opening of several stores in different areas allows you to expand the range. This not only increases the reach of the audience, but also allows you to increase sales.

For example, a client is looking for a specific product, which is only in one of the stores. If the buyer comes to another point, a competent seller will not only offer a trip to a different address, but will also find ways to interest the client here and now.

Additional discounts and unique products

Large franchisees also receive an additional discount on the purchase of power tools. Verified partners open additional categories of goods. With multiple stores, you have more room to experiment with the range. For example, you can make a test purchase of a new line of garden equipment and see in which store it will be more in demand.

Exclusive on site

An exclusive right to use a brand means that only one partner will act in a city or region. This right is granted to franchisees who express a desire to open several stores at once. This is very beneficial for several reasons: 1) competition with other franchisees on the territory is excluded, 2) it is possible to set prices without paying attention to other 220 Volt stores in the city, 3) a wide coverage area.

Price change

Owning several stores, you can adjust the price level for certain groups of goods in them, which will help attract different customers. For example, next to the active development zone, buyers will be attracted by discounts on construction and power equipment, as well as power tools.

Suppression of competitors

The more stores you have, the greater the likelihood that customers will contact you. People are accustomed to networked institutions, go to them and trust them. Customers are more likely to go to a well-known chain store than to an unnamed store.

Several points will increase the level of confidence in the store and increase the chance of new customers.


More stores mean more revenue. In addition, you will already be aware of all possible problems. You will be able to take timely measures to prevent them, which will help to avoid unnecessary expenses, both money and nerves

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